In The Train

Hi my name is Ashwin and this happened about 2 weeks ago. I was traveling from Chennai toBangaloreby the night mail. I had an urgent work inBangalorefor about a couple of days and I could not get any seat on the flights. So I decided to travel by train and that too by night so that I can start my work early the next morning. I had booked a second class a/c and I had the upper berth. I reached the station about half an hour before departure and settled down with a bottle of cold water. I just had a backpack with me since the stay was only for 2 days. I was returning the day after tomorrow. Normally I do not have any luck while traveling either by flight, bus or train as far as girls go. Even international flights air hostesses are dull looking when I am flying. So I was not looking forward to having any beautiful girls as co-travelers.

But just as I was going thru these thoughts, in walked two gorgeous looking girls, both jeans clad and t-shirts. One was looking stunning and the other girl was not bad but the first one was really a beauty. She had a fantastic figure. She had lovely boobs and had a smooth rounded and hard bottom. The moment I saw her, I started to think how beautiful she will look undressed and I started to get an erection. Luckily I also had jeans and my bulge was not showing. She came across and sat opposite to me and flashed a perfectly good smile with a hai. I replied in kind and asked her if she was from Chennai or Bangalore to which she replied she was from Chennai but originally from Bombay. She had migrated to Chennai and was working for an IT company and both of them were staying here temporarily.


They had an assignment in Bangalore for a week and were on their way on deputation. I just could not take my eyes off the first girl whose name was leena. The other girls’ name was simi. They were around 24-25 something. I was 28. just as they were thinking of buying some water when the train started moving. I told them not to worry and I had cold water and that too 2 litres of it and I am definitely not going to drink all that before morning. So as the train moved out of the platform, we settled down and started talking about their work and their life in the new city. I also told them that I was born in Bombay and lived in Andheri for almost 15 years of my life. So the talk shifted to life in Bombay then and now and where they studied and so on.


After sometime I brought up the subject of how freely the girls and boys mingle in Bombay but Chennai even now, is a very conservative city as far as these things go. I told them that the night life in Bangalore is better than Chennai. They seemed to agree and said they could not comment much on Chennai since their stay was only a month old. But of course, other than the work place, they could not pick up any new  friends. I told them that they just got one and we shook hands. I shook leena’s hands a little bit longer and they were incredibly soft. I just could not let go  and I was embarrassed and I told her that much. She started smiling softly and said it was not a problem and that she too enjoyed talking and shaking hands with me.

That made my heart flutter a bit and I thought maybe something would work out with this girl. Maybe not today in the train but later on, after some more meetings in Chennai. The train was picking up speed and it was making me a little bit sleepy. But I could not break off the conversation and I did not want to. But the girls took the cue and said better sleep for sometime since they also had to get to work  very early in the morning. Before we went to bed, we exchanged our cell numbers and  promised to keep in touch after we got back. Leena had the berth opposite to me and simi had the lower berth. About half an hour later the light was switched off and  the night lamp came on. Everything was blue and I could only think of the blue film. I just could not sleep and I turned to her side and was watching her. I  think she must have felt my eyes on her but she did not return my look. Even in the  blue light, she was looking like a fairy and I just wanted to go over to her side and just kiss her. About 5 minutes later she was also looking towards me and my heart leapt.

Since I had a hard on, I had my hand on my dick trying to suppress the bulge and she

saw what I was doing. She asked me come over to her side by action so that nobody

else hears it. I was speechless and I was soaring into the skies with anticipation.

I got up and looked around and saw that almost everybody around us were asleep.

Even her friend seemed to be deep asleep. I slowly shifted to her berth and lied

down beside her. Just the warmth of her body and my anticipation was hammering my

heart wildly and I thought I was going to cum premature but thank god I didn’t.

she was smelling something like a wild flower and it was going to my head. I just

caught her face and kissed her on the mouth for a long time. She responded as well

and took one of my hands and placed it on her breasts. Wow what a feeling. I

opened her top button and let my hand slip inside and caught her breast and pinched

her nipples and she let out a small moan and started moving her hips. Now everyone

knows how much space the berth in a train has and there was no way that we were

going to make love without the whole compartment knowing. So as I was kneading her

boob and kissing I told her that we should go the toilet and do it standing since we

cannot do it in the berth. She seemed to agree and I got off her with my heart

hammering so loud and my dick throbbing I thought somebody would hear it. I got

down and indicated to her that I was going to the toilet at the other end of the

coach so that she can follow me after sometime. She nodded and I reached the toilet

and waited outside the door without going in. there was nobody around and the time

was around 12.15 in the night. She came after 2 minutes and we both went inside and

locked the door. I turned around and started kissing her and kneading her boobs

while she went for my dick straightway. I unbuttoned my pant pushed it down up to

my knees and she went for my undies pulled it down and took my hot dick into her

mouth and started moving on it. The moment I entered her mouth I was on cloud nine

and I started fucking her mouth. I was almost on the verge of cumming when I

stopped and took my dick out. I raised her, kissed her on the mouth and took off

her shirt and bra. Then she unbuttoned her pants and pushed it down with her

panties. Wow wow wow wow she was looking like a princess in the nude. I was just

gaping at her beauty with open mouth when she pulled me to her breasts and I started

sucking and biting at her nipples. She was really enjoying it and started to moan a

bit when I put a hand on her mouth and asked her not to do that as somebody might

hear it and come to investigate. Then slowly I went down to her beauty spot and she

had lovely dark hair. I slowly parted the hair and went for her clit and boy was

she wet or what. Her juices were all over my face and I was licking whatever she

was dispensing. It smelled and felt heavenly. She started rubbing her clit faster

and faster and I got up sensing that this was the time and entered her with my big

bulge. She almost cried out in pain and we started the animal instinct deep inside

us. She was leaning back on the sink and shaking her hips and I was holding her

waist and pumping her big time. I was cumming deep from inside and she seemed to

peak too as we both hit it at the same time and she almost screamed when I reached

out and shut her mouth with a kiss and thrust deep inside her . my whole body

shuddered as I splashed my juice inside her without realizing that we were wearing

no protection. But at that time it did not matter. She was almost dizzy with the

sensation and was having trouble standing straight. I caught her and kissed her one

more time and held her for a long time with my dick still inside her, slowly going

limp where she could not feel it any more. We both were sweating profusely and

decided to get back into the a/c comfort of the coach. But before reaching our

seats we just stood there at the door and decided that when we reach back to Chennai

we will meet on a regular basis and go out dating and keep doing this as often as

possible. On that note, we reached our seats, got up into our berths and before

going to sleep kissed each other once more.

Next day morning, got down at the cantonment in Bangalore but she was going on to

the city. So we shook hands as if acquaintances and left our ways.

We still keep in touch and have fun at least once in 15 days.